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The Philadelphia Drum Company creates custom, hand-made drums made in collaboration with local musicians and crafted in the city of brother love.



Philadelphia Drum Company was founded in November of 2018 when a group of musicians set out to solve a mission:

To make drum craftsmanship innovative, high-quality, and eco-friendly.

It all began when Philly drummer and musician, Ethan Feinstein, set out to find the perfect drum sound. Through years of performing, recording, and touring as a Philadelphia-based musician, Ethan was unsatisfied with the drum sound he had been getting from conventional, factory-made drum sets. In the process of searching, he began to learn about the differences between conventional ply drum shells and the tension put on the drum versus the more resonant stave drum construction. Thus, Ethan began building his own stave shells, focusing on achieving a drum tone that could fill a room with sound and shine under a microphone. After years of Ethan building drums for himself and local drummers in the Philly music scene, the Philadelphia Drum Company started to take shape. Ethan partnered up with entrepreneurs and fellow musicians Benjamin W. Tice and Nisha Ramanujam to form the Philadelphia Drum Company.